Impact is one of the leading health facilities in Ghana when it comes to eye care. Springing from the passion for excellence in optometry in our sister company, Dashen Opticians, our Ophthalmology department is furnished with some of the most advanced and world class diagnostic equipment in the world and a leading ophthalmologist in the country. We have an advanced optical coherence tomography machine and a visual field test device that aids our ophthalmologist to diagnose changes in diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy faster than would be diagnosed form a regular ophthalmoscope. The eye is the window to the soul and must not be toyed with. When it comes to issues of the eye, Impact Clinic is the first place to consider.

Tests and Diagnostics:

    ✔ Visual Field Test
    ✔ Fundus Imagery
    ✔ Macular Degeneration Test
    ✔ Retinal Examination

Minor surgeries

    ✔ Removal of pterygium
    ✔ Eye injection
    ✔ Incision and drainage for blepharitis

Our Doctors