We uphold and maintain the highest standards of care for our clients throughout their pregnancies. We provide early regular assessment that allows our obstetrician to anticipate, prevent and treat potential health problem throughout the course of pregnancy. Impact’s obstetricians ensure that our pregnant clients receive the best education to promote healthy lifestyle for both the mother and the child. We understand the physical, psychological and physiological demands and changes during pregnancy; and we ensure that the mother-to-be and child receive holistic care throughout the journey. We involve pre-natal screening and pregnancy school training to reduce the frequency of maternal deaths, birth defects, pregnancy loses, birth weight issues and other pregnancy related conditions. Impact is the leader in focused and comprehensive pre-natal health care services.

Conditions and Procedures:

    ✔ ANC Consultations
    ✔ Postnatal Consultations
    ✔ An ultrasound dating scan at 6-10 weeks
    ✔ An ultrasound anomaly scan at 18-22 weeks
    ✔ An ultrasound nuchal translucency scan at 11-14 (for the detection of cardiovascular abnormalities)
    ✔ Family planning

Tests and Diagnostics

    ✔ Blood tests during pregnancy
    ✔ Checking your blood group
    ✔ Rh negative blood and Anti D injections
    ✔ Haemoglobin
    ✔ Sickle cells
    ✔ Rubella
    ✔ Syphilis
    ✔ Hepatitis B
    ✔ Hepatitis C
    ✔ HIV and AIDS
    ✔ Urine test
    ✔ Glucose challenge test for gestational diabetes
    ✔ Pap smear (smear test)

Our Doctors