At Impact Clinic, our ear, nose and throat surgeon offers a wide array of services, especially for our clients who work in areas with loud noises; our audiometry department comprehensively assesses them for changes in hearing frequently and routinely.

Conditions and Procedures:

    ✔ Hearing Assessment
    ✔ Routine Ear Washout
    ✔ Nose and Throat Tumors (Primary And Secondary)
    ✔ Swallowing Difficulties
    ✔ Recurrent Infections In The Head And Neck Area
    ✔ Sinus Issues
    ✔ Sleep Apnea

Tests and Diagnostics

    ✔ Clinical Laboratory
    ✔ ENT Examination
    ✔ CT Scan
    ✔ Audiometric Testing
    ✔ Nasal Endoscopy
    ✔ Allergy Testing
    ✔ Cultures and Biopsies
    ✔ Vestibular

Our Doctors