Our dermatologist is one of the leading specialists in the field and offers care for both common and rare problems of the skin, hair and nails. Some skin conditions are primary (originating and often limited to the skin) and some systemic (originating from other organs but manifesting in the skin). With a strong background in internal medicine, our dermatologist provides exceptional diagnostic services to our clients.

Conditions and Procedures:

    ✔ Infectious diseases of the skin
    ✔ Blistering disorders
    ✔ Connective tissue diseases
    ✔ Psoriasis and related conditions
    ✔ Photosensitivity
    ✔ Oral diseases
    ✔ Eczema
    ✔ Vitiligo
    ✔ Pruritus
    ✔ Acne
    ✔ Hair disorders
    ✔ Skin screening for skin cancer

Tests and Diagnostics

    ✔ Blood tests
    ✔ Urine tests
    ✔ Physical examination

Our Doctors