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Digital X-Ray & 4D Ultrasound

Our Radio-graphic unit is made up of  modern state of the art Digital X-ray equipment and 4D Ultrasound.

Advantages of our Digital X-ray includes time efficiency through bypassing chemical processing and the ability to digitally transfer and enhance images. This results in prompt and clear images.  Also, less radiation can be used to produce an image of similar contrast to conventional radiography.

Clients do not need a referral to request for an X-ray at Impact Clinic.

Our 4D Ultrasound shows moving 3D images of your baby, with time being the fourth dimension.

It’s natural to be really excited by the prospect of your first scan. But some mums find the standard 2D scans disappointing when all they see is a grey, blurry outline. This is because the scan sees right through your baby, so the photos show her internal organs.

With 3D and 4D scans, you see your baby’s skin rather than her insides. You may see the shape of your baby’s mouth and nose, or be able to spot her yawning or sticking her tongue out.

3D and 4D scans are considered as safe as 2D scans, because the images are made up of sections of two-dimensional images converted into a picture
4D scans may provide more information about a known abnormality. Because these scans can show more detail from different angles, they can help in the diagnosis of cleft lip. This can help doctors to plan the repair after birth.

4D scanning can also be useful to look at the heart and other internal organs. As a result, some fetal medicine units do use 4D scans, but only when they’re medically necessary.

If you’d like a 4D scan, all you have to do, is to give Impact Clinic a call now!