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    • Dr Emmanuel Codjoe (DPT)

    We provide quality Physiotherapy for individuals who experience pain from injuries and or conditions from their backs, shoulders down to their feet, fractures, stroke, etc. Our treatments consist of TENS therapy, Ultrasound, Thermo and Cryotherapy, Exercises, Posture education, Therapeutic massage and nutritional support.

    We invite you to experience the cutting edge physiotherapy experience, with our highly trained physiotherapist. We use a combination of spinal and extremity manipulations, Nerve stimulations, muscle imbalance correction and rehabilitation exercises. Many patients are surprised that the achy knees and lower back pain that they have suffered for years were able to be resolved in a short period of time by holistic treatments.

    Do not sit and wait till your back pain disables you, do not wait till that knee pain, hip pain, stop you from achieving your potential, seek quality, yet affordable physiotherapy at Impact Clinic.

    We provide premium treatment for conditions such as

    • Sciatica
    • Stroke
    • Tennis Elbow (elbow pain)
    • Low back pain
    • Anterior Cruciate ligament injuries
    • Planter Fasciitis
    • Rotator Cuff (Shoulder Pain)
    • Shoulder Weakness
    • Numbness in extremities
    • Carpal Tunnel Decreased range of motion
    • Osteoarthritis

• Dr. Asieedu • Dr. Klufio